Oak Hundreds Board


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When it comes to children’s education, nothing beats hands-on experiences. A strong math foundation begins with touching, feeling, and holding various items while observing, sorting, and evaluating their quantity, shape, and size.

25cm x 25cm

Exquisitely crafted hundreds board features one hundred dimples ready for your child to fill while counting, creating patterns or practicing mathematical equations.

Formed from dark oak wood, this learning tool has a phenomenal amount of potential.

Here are some ways to use the wooden Montessori Hundred Board

1. Sort pompoms by color in a Hundred Board
An easy way to start using the board is to sort the wool pom poms by color!

2. Count rocks, pom poms, and other small objects with a Hundred Board
We have had a lot of fun counting rocks and pom poms! While placing one object in a dimple, you can practice counting out loud slowly and carefully with your child.
The engraved lines divide the board into 4 quadrants and also separate each row into groups of 5. This will help a child “subitize” numbers, essentially the ability to eyeball a number of items quickly without counting each item individually.

3. Learn 1:1 correspondence with a Hundred Board
The little round dimples are perfect for teaching 1:1 correspondence. place 1 rock next to number 1, 2 rocks next to number 2, 3 rocks next number 3, and so forth.
Tip: Teach the number symbol only after the child understands the concept of rational counting rather than rote counting.

4. Strengthen fine motor skills with play dough!
My daughter loves to mold different shapes with play dough, and she especially likes to pretend to make little mochi balls! We have rolled so many together and are now experts in making them smooth and similar in size!

SAFETY: Although most of our products are recommended as décor purposes only strict adult supervision is recommended as they may contain small parts. Please dispose of any product that becomes damaged immediately.



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