Wooden Sensory Box


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Sturdy wooden feely box with hole for children to explore through touch.

Place textured items in the Feely Box, close the lid and let children place their hand in the hole to touch the items for a hands-on sensory experience!

Size: 29.5(L) x 24(W) x 25(H)cm.

The Wooden Feely Box is a great tool for the classroom, allowing children to explore sensory development as well as an understanding of the world around them. Add items of interest into the Feely Box for the class to pop their hand through the hole and feel what’s inside.

It’s such a fun way to explore different textures and guess what’s inside. It’s also a great opportunity to inquire and problem solve. What does the object feel like? Is it soft, spiky, bumpy, smooth? What shape is the object? Is it round? Does it have smooth or hard edges? Is it cold or warm?

The Wooden Feely Box is a terrific way to develop children’s language and increase their vocabulary. The Wooden Feely Box is also a versatile learning resource. Use familiar objects from inside the classroom for the children to explore or source naturally found objects from the outdoor environment. Stick to a theme or mix and match for extra problem solving techniques.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years.

SAFETY: Although most of our products are recommended as décor purposes only strict adult supervision is recommended as they may contain small parts. Please dispose of any product that becomes damaged immediately.


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